Understanding the aspects of SEO and improvement

When someone talks about optimizing blog posts, they usually mean SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is an important factor, but do not forget that optimization and improvement of user experience is also important, taking into account your target audience.What this specifically means will depend on the targeted audience of your blog.

Everything would be too simple, if you only need to write easily and intelligibly.However, the manner and approach of your texts should be dictated by your audience.For example, a blog about engineering will never have the same language as a blog about plant growing, or economics.

What do we mean?

You must be familiar with the realities in order to effectively monetize your traffic.Ready to get all the best tips and become the king of blogs? To know more about, Modern SEO strategy, seek help online.

Learn everything about your audience

First, you need to be aware of your niche and competitors. It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are just starting out, but make sure that you always encourage your audience to communicate with you.Always place a call to action for your readers who want to post a comment with suggestions or their opinion. If you can support this initiative, it will help you in the future, and your readers will be grateful to you.

While we are talking about this, why not look at these examples?

As you can see, you can add call to action, likes, and “share”, and even subscribe to your newsletter.

You can also turn on the survey if it is in business

But try not to overload visitors, because they voluntarily give you time and do not want to spend it on uninteresting things.

Optimize download time before it’s too late

This is usually no one thinks of as an important factor, especially because most writers and bloggers are not techies.You should always optimize the loading time of your blog and make the design ideal for both computers and mobiles.

Amazon has published statistics that for every 100 milliseconds of acceleration during loading, there is a 1% increase in profits.

Google Analytics or any other analytics service that works with demographic information will help you .Believe me, the world is changing, and we need to pay more attention to the mobile market, because almost 80% of online users use smartphones daily.

Already half of all traffic on the Internet falls on mobile phones!

From this follows such a conclusion   either it is necessary to optimize for mobile, or it is not worth doing this business at all. And the most interesting thing is that the adaptation will not cost you a penny. Now you can find a large selection of online resources that will definitely help you customize your site and create pages for mobile users.

They are great for such work and allow you to optimize and update your site.

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